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Tuesday, 24th November, 2020

All Laced Up

I’m always a little late in the game when it comes to seasonal trends, and the SS2015 retro or 70’s vibe is definitely one of them. As much as I love experimenting from time to time, some errors from past seasonal overhoarding have caused me to become very selective with what actually goes (and stays!) in the Fashion Pastry closet – Topic to be discussed in more detail sometime in the near future.

This said, I feel the perfect seasonal wardrobe boasts 3 to 4 primary pieces that work through almost every other season and inevitably pass the test of time. However, it’s always a good idea to privilege fit, cut and color versus body-type, than to blindly follow a trend.

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Folks and Sparrows

Taken, Paris isn’t anything like New York or Sydney when it comes to coffee, but from my recent findings, the Fashion Capital definitely has nothing to be shy about on the coffee scene.

First stop, a stopover obligé in the Iconic Marais neighborhood with its growing list of épiceries, bakeries and coffee shops located in just about every street corner of the Neo-Jewish quartier, many, literally only a few meters away from eachother !

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One Woman’s Perspective…

I was born a perfectionist.

And one of my earliest memories of my perfectionism was the habit of making my bed every morning as a child – something relatively trivial but which seemed extraordinary at the time.
As the years passed and even right into my adult life, I realized the inordinate amount of time I’d spend fussing over every wrinkle and crease. It just had to be perfect. Ask bae!
Ensuring my bed was perfectly made was a sign of something deeper. I started my day with perfection because I wanted my whole day, and my life, to be perfect. To be predictable. To be safe.

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