Odette – puff pastry revised

27 April 2014

Odette opened in January 2013 on the left bank of the Seine just a stone throw away from the famous bookstore Shakespeare & Co and her immaculate lady, Notre Dame.

A client told me about the place, so I had to make the appointment and see it for myself.

Located in a one of the busiest touristic hubs of Paris, Odette is a quaint little coffee shop with a cottage-like feel. Decoration-wise, it has a strong traditional French touch : simple and elegant with black & white checkered floors and brick red leather chairs and round tables on the tiny front terrace.

The owner Frédéric Berthy named the place after his grandmother, “Odette” who would prepare the Choux à la crème for his afternoon goûter.

Not a huge fan of macaroons, Frédéric wanted to create a unique and trendy dessert.The challenge being to create a box of 6 or 12 bite size cream puffs.

To achieve this goal, he surrounded himself with some of the Top pastry chefs to work on a recipe that would revive his childhood memories.

The cream puffs are beautifully displayed in large glass cake holders and vintage trays lining the front of the store which is very convenient since orders are made on ground floor.

Pretty looking and chic, the cream puffs come in a delicious mix of vintage and exotic flavours:

Vanilla or chocolate,
Coffee or pistachio,
Green tea or caramel,
Lemon, wild berries or even praline.
Each individual cream puff has a uniquely colored or decorated icing cap which distinguishes them from the classic cream puff in wedding cakes.
The small size is convenient for a quick snack, to accompany tea or coffee, for the famous “French goûter” or to end a dinner on a sweet note.


They’re cute & their delicious – a great alternative to the cliché éclair or macaroon coming up in my next review.

Hope you enjoyed the article. ‘Til next time, keep well.

Love Teekay


Contact and useful information :
77 rue Galande 75005
Metro : Saint Michel Notre Dame
Price range : 1,90€ each or 9,90€ (for a box of 6) or 19,80€ (for a box of 12)
01 43 26 13 06

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  1. Marion

    7 July 2014 at 7:28 PM Reply

    Sweet ! A new place I wanna go to when I go back to Paris ! Their pastries are just so cute, and I’m a lover of choux à la crème. (Ok, I’m a food lover, nevermind.)

    You just made me hungry sweetheart ! 😉 ♥

  2. Marion

    7 July 2014 at 7:31 PM Reply

    Oh, and also : the place sounds like a must see ! I love those old design places that just make you travel through time …

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