21 April 2014

L’Avenue, another secret ingredient in the Legendary ‘Costes’ formula that works!

Good food, ultra chic atmosphere and Victoria’s Secret-like waitresses (okay almost!) all in one place to ensure you get your fill of la ‘Haute Société Parisienne’ – so to say.

L’Avenue partly owes it’s grand reputation from its ultra strategic localization. Just a few steps away from the grand Plaza Athenée hotel with its top designer boutiques, it’s the go-to eaterie for big spenders and probably one of the snobbiest restaurants in Paris.

Whether it’s Paris Fashion Week or an ordinary day, locals just like tabloid celebrities in the likes of Rihanna and Kim Kardashian, all swear by Avenue Montaigne’s “IT” spot.

But what’s so special about L’avenue?

Well apart from the über chic neighborhood (the most luxurious avenue in Paris!), the restaurant is housed in a beautiful Haussmann Architectural type building just across the road from Christian Dior.
It follows a very contemporary interior design by Jacques Garcia with simple metallic garden chairs draped with impeccably white cushions and matching tables on the terrace & front veranda.

The inside has a very sobre & sexy feel, similar to Hotel Costes or La Société : red velvet italian arm chairs, Murano chandeliers & a cosy lounge space for those wanting to warm up before a night out clubbing.



Aperitif  : Jack Daniels Whisky & a glass of Sauterne (sweet white wine)


And food wise?

L’Avenue is a brasserie and so follows a traditional brasserie menu, albeit very much revisited.
You can enjoy a trendy morning breakfast menu of egg, pastry and smoked fish specialties.


Clockwise from top to bottom :

Warmup with french pastries & freshly squeezed orange juice

Fancy some pumkin coconut soup,a savoury tuna tartar or the agrumes & avo salad

Enjoy a half dozen of oysters in a deliscious white vinegar sauce

Something fishy with a half portion of fresh lobster & salad

For lunch and dinner, you can try something more elaborate like homemade foie gras served with toast, the famous tuna tartar and a delectable selection of supermodel-friendly salads.




The Ultimate indulgence for starters : the Risotto aux Truffes – exqusite !


I’m an unconditional adept of  foie gras – the so french thing, s’il vous plait !

Main course varies between the ‘Tigre‘ (for the carnivorous types), the steamed organic salmon – cooked to perfection, or the ‘Risotto aux gambas‘ – creamed risotto served with King prawns.


A favorite amongst the vistors : the Risotto aux Gambas


And for our seafood fiends or those watching their calorie intake, you will not be disappointed with the Steamed Saumon Bio dish

L’Avenue has a very delectable and GENEROUS dessert menu that will defintely satisfy a sweet tooth. I particulary don’t fancy chocolate or creamy desserts so my personal choices aren’t extravagant as the array of desserts proposed there.

If you’re a fan of cheese cakes, you’ll definitely love the Cheese Cake façon L’AVENUE served in a crispy biscuit shell with a generous scoop of bourbon vanilla ice-cream.

But if I were to recommend a dessert, it would undeniably be the organic rapsberries & strawberries served with whipped cream – ORGASMIC!


The most original cheese cake in town!


Enjoy the freshest and tastiest raspberry & strawberry platter – your taste buds will most definitely not forget this journey.

So does L’AVENUE live up to it’s hip réputation?

In all honesty, the waitresses are a wee bit snobbish, the food a bit pricey and the flashy euro clientele a little ridiculous snapping away selfies in head-to-toe Chanel. But that’s the whole point!
L’Avenue is the place to go for a small piece of paparazzi heaven !

Make sure to make a reservation if you wish to sit outside or in the veranda! Otherwise they’ll put you on purgatory.

Oh, and avoid the second floor!


Teekay xxx




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  1. Marion

    20 July 2014 at 5:34 PM Reply

    “Oh, and avoid the second floor !” sounded like a Harry Potter warning : you do NOT want to know what is there. You. Just. DON’T. Haha !

    I know that these are the kind of places I don’t feel comfortable in. I feel like everyone is keeping an eye on you, and that you’d better not make a pinky tiny error if you don’t want to be thrown in jail ! But at the same time, these are places that just attract me, and the curious personality I have. So I totally understand your feeling !

    Everything just looks amazing, and you really are doing them a great ad’, haha !

    Thanks for your sincerity. Loved it ! 🙂


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