Insta diaries – May Colors

9 June 2014

A short, sweet & colorful story of May!

It started with rain (lots of it!), but ended with a ray of sunshine thanks to an improvised getaway to the mystical Greek island, Mykonos.

Needless to say, I’m very much looking forward to June – and Summer!

We’ve only done half the job for the year so there is still enough time for learning & progress.

Hang around with me on the blog and on instagram and let’s make June an even greater experience…

Bisous my loves!


So what was May like?

I hit off the month with my special MAY DAY “it-bag” giveaway which was a huge success!
Thank you to everyone who participated!!

Also switched to experimentation mode with a white mesh top!

‘Put my sexy on’ in fresh lace underwear for my “two boys”…

Discovered a new eaterie with one of my important clients and my assistant.

Got the “Acai fever” and my Summer Travel squad ready for holiday reason.

Strawberries in just about every form became my pêché mignon

Went back to school and primary colors thanks to Celine’s SS14 wearable art trend.

Craved sunshine all day everyday – even in the oddest of places…

Pastels, sunsets & all sorts of spring sweetness in my closet and breakfast bowl

Discovered the true beauty of Mykonos and the incredible feeling of being at one with nature..

Life really was a “beach” in Mykonos…

Seen rocking cobalt blue lace, distressed denim & retro glam accessories out of Paris and on the beach!

Made a serious affair of trips to the market in search of the best haul to get the perfect summer glow!

Finally admitted my addiction to all things tangerine & contrasting orange blends! Lol!!

And as I approach a larger following on my page, I realised more and more how no superficial bits & bobs nor money in the world can make up for a crappy personality!
Making a real connection with people changes everything.
It’s about learning to be YOU and embracing YOUR authentic self!


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Photos credits by Teekay
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  1. Marion

    7 July 2014 at 4:22 PM Reply

    Oh girl, I’m in love ! All of your pic’s are so beautiful and breathtaking. I know I keep on saying the same things, but well, there are not enough words to express all the admiration that you inspire with your great work.

    When you “went back to school and primary colors” I tooootally fell in love with your Aldo scarpins and your gorgeous black&white purse. But everything’s so captivating as well !

    Well, you know I’m a all-year-long-fan, haha !

    Love you. ♥

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