Folks and Sparrows

3 September 2015

Taken, Paris isn’t anything like New York or Sydney when it comes to coffee, but from my recent findings, the Fashion Capital definitely has nothing to be shy about on the coffee scene.

First stop, a stopover obligé in the Iconic Marais neighborhood with its growing list of épiceries, bakeries and coffee shops located in just about every street corner of the Neo-Jewish quartier, many, literally only a few meters away from eachother !

Amongst some of the many first comers ; Freddie’s Deli, L’Epicerie du Verre Vol, Boot Café or Merci Used books Café saved many a coffee-addicts life on more than one occasion. But today’s new kid on the block, Folks and Sparrows, reinvents the caffeine experience, taking us on a deliciously sweet trip down memory lane…back to the 70’s!

The highly aesthetic coffee shop with its retro tiled floors, beautiful stone walls and an airy interior, is tastefully furnished in ombrés of light and deep wood and decorated with fresh lavender and dried wheat sprigs creating the perfect hippy ambiance to enjoy a warm or cold drink. Even the bearded neo-hippy owner named Franck looks like he’s part of the decor!

As I’m relatively always in a hurry during the week, I literally skimmed through the menu and opted for a vanilla latte and a freshly squeezed lemonade.

However, temptation wasn’t too far off! Folks and Sparrows boasts a relatively simple but generous selection of sandwiches, quiches and bagels which will literally have your tummy singing the Marseillaise. Lol! Chiffonnade du Prince de Paris ( only THE BEST quality ham in Paris ), a few Brooklyn pickles, some Brive mustard, a slice of comté cheese, a zest of vinegar seasoned with red pepper, all wrapped in a fresh country baguette and delicately sealed in brown craft paper and decorated with a few sprigs of lavender or Sage leaves . Voilà, the most perfect sandwich you could ever dream of in Paris.

So, NO, Folks and Sparrows is not just another trendy concept store. It has soul and an original Indie vibe you simply can’t ignore…and I’m not just saying that because of the folkloric music playing in the background from the vintage jukebox…

The place is a like a whimsical cabin in the woods where you can chill and chat for hours with your bestie all the while sipping on a flat white and nibbling on a warm quiche Lorraine. I’ll definitely be back…soon!

Teekay xx

Folks and Sparrows
14 rue Saint-Sébastien, 75 011 PARIS
Metro : Saint Sébastien-Froissart
Tél : 0981459099
Monday to Sunday : 10h – 19h
Price : €€
Sandwiches : 6.50€ – 7.50€
Menus : 9.80€ to 12.50€
Desserts 3.50€
Eat-in or takeaway

Photography and Teekay©



  1. blogmoninstant

    3 September 2015 at 5:29 PM Reply

    Wow … That’s indeed a very special place ! The disposition of the shop is quite particular, and in that way completely new. And deeefinitely a hipster place, haha !

  2. tlotlina

    3 September 2015 at 9:05 PM Reply

    Totally gonna try it out when I find myself in Paris one day.

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