Jozi Meet & Greet

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Mykonos 2014

Kalimera my dear friends!

I hope you are all well.
I thought it would be nice to share with you a few photos from my beautiful trip to Mykonos!

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Spring Pastel Palette

I still remember the days when the “Boot-Cut” jean was the next BIG thing – just about everyone who grew up in the late 90’s should remember those horrid tassels that draped the dance floors on disco nights. Well, that was until the tectonic dancing, sleek “Skinny” jean took over the throne of the denim club.

Although still very popular today, the Skinny has met its match; another denim variant in the form of the easy-to-wear and extremely versatile “Boyfriend” jean!

Although they do not necessarily flatter a curvy figure as would a skinner alternative, boyfriend jeans are possibly my favorite jean trend – EVER!

Why? They are easy-to-wear and deliciously chic when teamed with the right pieces and accessories.
They are every stylish girl’s wardrobe must-have.

My interpretation of the Boyfriend trend is very spring inspired; from the soft pastel hues of the knitted sweater, to the nude open toe sandals that seem fitting given the setting, and the delicate rips on the actual jean itself.

This look is my idea of the perfect spring outfit – a lot less cliché than the floral dress.
What do you guys think?



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Photo credits by Nanamybrass
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