Sinful Sundays

Howdy guys!

Many of you already know that I’m not a sugar person at all, but years of intrigued observation have taught me that eating chocolate on a Sunday for many is a ritual of comfort. Weather it is to satisfy a sweet tooth, tame a sugar craving or just down right go-in-for-the-kill, chocolate seems to have taken the number one spot in many hearts.

But honestly, how can one reasonably enjoy the sinful swirl of milk chocolate dancing on the tastebuds without tipping the scale?

Well, ever tried chocolate for breakfast?

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Blue Berry Muffining…

So the muffin saga continues!

The recipe below is without a doubt, the ‘crème de la crème’ of the blueberry muffin recipes I know.

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Muffin Sundays

Hi loves,

I don’t know if it’s the same for you, but Sundays are craaaazy for me. Morning market, errands, laundry, gym and of course, seeing to it that my beau is well fed. Lol!

Although I’m a sucker for big colorful brunches, with a “working-girl” SLASH “lady-of-the-house” agenda, I’ve learned to incorporate convenient and easy-to-make breakfast variants on weekends ; all bran and oatmeal being some of my go-to favorites.

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Homemade Granola

We all like a little variation in our plate and from time to time I like experimenting with what goes into my breakfast bowl.

I’ve been putting off making my own muesli (granola) for a while now, basically because smoothies take up less time! But seriously, once you’ve started making your own granola, and experimented different flavors, you’ll never go back to the commercialized version. Trust me!

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