Hi loves,

My, it feels like an eternity since I last sat down and wrote a proper article for the blog. Ok, I’m exaggerating a little, but consistency in this area of blogging is something I need to work on.

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Personal – The blogger Life

I am undeniably a late bloomer when it comes to blogging!
Okay, I’d heard of and read a few blogs here and there during my last years of University, but at the time all this was VERY far from anything I’d ever considered for myself – even as a hobby!
I was more about getting an MBA and becoming a successful business woman, than playing dress up or posting clichés of my obsessive shoe and clothing collection.

That was back in 2009, second Master’s Degree in hand and stepping into my first day of Forensic Auditing.
Six years later, I may have changed fields, but my personal and professional ambitions have remained intact.

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Christmas Wishlist

Hey loves,

For the very first time in a long time I’m totally & completely snowed under – and I’m not referring to the weather.

I’ve always been relatively organized – everything following a strict order work/ family, gym, Instagram & the blog.
But the last two months since my promotion have been for the better part challenging and hectic and have forced me to revise some of my priorities – Christmas preparations included!

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Instadiary – October & November faves!

Sometimes we learn something new about the past that completely changes everything we know about the present….

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