Avoir du Flair

11 September 2015

Bonjour, bonjour,

I’m going to keep today’s post short so that you can just enjoy the pictures I shot last weekend.

I chose the title “avoir du flair” firstly because of the lovely play on words “flair” versus “flare” and because ironically, it just seems fitting (pun intended!)

The Oxford dictionary defines “flair” (noun) pronounced / flɛ/ as :

1 . A special or instinctive aptitude, talent, knack or ability for doing something well: she has a flair for languages or none of us had much artistic flair.

2 . Instinctive elegance or style, stylishness and originality: she dressed with flair

3 . Instinctive discernment; keenness: a flair for the exotica.

Though the French love using this expression, especially in literature, they rarely use it in public, unless they really mean it. Call it French snobbery if you may.

According to them, when “you have flair”, you have good taste, style, a certain chic à la Francaise . The ultimate French compliment thus!

The second “flare” naturally refers to the flared denim jeans I’m wearing in the post. I’m 5’4″, so pulling these off took a lot more “flair” than I initially bargained.

I’m heavy on the thigh and buttocks so naturally, anything flared will only accentuate the already generous volumes below. I tried to find balance between the lower part of my outfit and the top by risking something more sophisticated and sexy en haut ; a “long-sleeved scalloped top” and of course, a “boater-hat” for the petite touche françaiseobligé!


Teekay xx

Wearing :

Top ( Jluxlabel)
Jeans ( Mango)
Shoes (Zara)
Boater (Vintage – own)

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Photos credits by Nanamybrass
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