26 February 2015

Hi loves,

My, it feels like an eternity since I last sat down and wrote a proper article for the blog. Ok, I’m exaggerating a little, but consistency in this area of blogging is something I need to work on.

Does anyone have an unused 24 hours to donate? Lol!!

This article was initially going to be about this season’s camel and bordeaux trend, but I thought it would be more interesting to articulate it around one of the major core values I try to profess on my blog and Instagram : AUTHENTICITY.

I don’t know, I just feel that in this day and age people try so hard to fit in, to be accepted and loved that they just about given up the most important parts of themselves : integrity of heart and mind.

I see so many people who started off brilliantly, showcasing originality & sincerity in their content and their social interactions, who, somewhere along the road, in the small bends that separate a discrete existence and social stardom, traded off personality and sincerity for superficial 2-dimensional wish-wash.

Ok, I’m probably coming off a little strong so let’s tackle the question differently.

When you genuinely appreciate someone, a brand or a product, what are the essential things about them that make them appealing? Is it solely visual (the packaging), functional (their purpose), or their   representation of your values (cognitive)? 

Many people aren’t even sure why they like something or someone. Very often it’s only because “everyone else” seems to or does. That “follow-the-crowd” attitude.

The problem with always going with the flow (“being a sheep”), is that you never truly develop the ability to distance yourselves from situations or people and run a high risk of being manipulated into accepting everything at face value without ever questioning purpose, cause or intent. On the other hand, some people purposely go with the flow in an attempt to hide their true intentions or feelings. That way they never have to worry about confronting or addressing them.

Which brings me back to the debate around authenticity…and sincerity.  

When you’re authentic, you’re true to yourself (even at the expense of losing a social connection). When you’re sincere, you mean what you say or do (even when you don’t always agree).

The power in authenticity is that it leaves no questions unanswered.

People know what’s important to you, what you’re made of and where you stand.

Authenticity helps you define how people see you.

When you’re “in-between”, there is lack of dedinition. Thus, there’s a lack of authenticity.

When you contradict yourself, there’s lack of definition. Thus, there’s a lack of authenticity. 

When you almost always agree, follow the crowd and never stand for something on your own, there’s a lack of definition. Thus, there’s a lack of authenticity.

Being authentic means you know and assume who you are. You have clearly defined your place in a social world and hold strong to your convictions in life.

You stand for something. And by being true to that something, no one can ever question the truth about you.

So, here is to being true, to being bold, and most importantly, to being you!

Teekay xxx










Wearing :
Coat (Vero Moda)
Knitwear (Zara)  & Fur collar (Ibiza Fur)
Silk pants (H&M)
Shoes (Corneille – Christian Louboutin)

Bag (Drew by Chloé)

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Photos credits by Nanamybrass
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  1. Bisous Natasha

    1 March 2015 at 11:06 PM Reply

    Well, written post. It’s important to alway stay true to who you are and be authentic which can be hard in this age of social media where everyone is trying to look and act a certain way.

  2. blogmoninstant

    2 March 2015 at 5:32 PM Reply

    Hi love !

    How much I missed your posts ! Once again, you do more than seduce us with your photoshoot : you inspire us. What you said needs to be heard by so many. And you’re right when you say that some do follow the crowd because they desperately try to fit in – and some just fool their world in order to obtain something. At least the first ones are just trying to find love in a wrong way. The second category needs to learn what love is. Self(less)-love that is.

    But anyway, your text is just so wise and on point that I don’t really have to say anything else so I’ll comment your luxurious look instead !

    WHAT a daring, beautiful and fierce look ! I’m impressed. That one definitely brings power and confidence. It’s quite impressive and mind blowing ! Definitely something unique.

    The fur goes so well with your hair ! And it brings that spice to the sweet neutral coat. Bordeaux definitely gives structure to the outfit, while the silky pants are that majestic note that levels up the game.

    You look like your taking over the world ! I bet Nanamybrass calls you his Queen ! 😉

    It was very inspiring and beautiful – be it the text or the photoshoot. Keep going your way, you can be proud !

    You know I love you,

    Marion. ♥

    P.S. : Congratulations to Nanamybrass for being such a talented photographer !

  3. lyvietel

    12 March 2015 at 4:54 PM Reply

    I think you’ve said it all ! You have a positive influence and that’s greatly appreciated !
    Instagram =>

    1. Teekay

      4 May 2015 at 1:12 PM Reply

      Thank you So much hun xx

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